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Untapped Targeted Traffic System Beats Facebook
Ads Every Day: Over $250,000 In Verifiable Results
(With Client And Customer Success Stories)
We Systemize And Scale Untapped Traffic Source
For 9,000%+ RoI Campaigns In 3 Simple Steps

Hey – my name is Justin Sardi – and initially, I wasn’t planning to share my results with public. Why? Because they are UNBELIEVABLY good and I thought no one would trust me. But then I spoke to some Facebook marketers who were getting results like these 2 years ago…

…but not anymore!

I THEN realized that 2 years ago, Facebook advertisers were killing it with FB ads.
But now things are different.

Finally after a long discussion, ex-Facebook fanboy - Neil Napier convinced me to share my results with everyone. I even managed to convert him to join the secret traffic network that I have used to get AMAZING results.

And I bet you would love to tap into this network to:

  • Get more clients
  • Generate more leads
  • Grow your software business
  • Sell eCommerce products in Shopify + Amazon…and
  • Do all of this with a system even newbie VAs can use!
First, let me show you how this system has
helped me pay all my bills over the last 3 years:
All these results, and more – are courtesy of YouTube Ads.

This is by far the BIGGEST untapped source of paid traffic that I have been using for the last 3 years. And the cool part is this: Even when you are done running ads, generating leads and making sales – you get a TON of organic benefits in the form of higher rankings, more views and more subscribers on your channel.

But For Now, Let Me Show You What Other
Experts Have To Say About YouTube Ads:
...And See What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Content:

In all of this – the cool part is this:

Running YouTube ads is MUCH simpler than you’ve ever thought. Check out this short 3-step process that is now nicely chalked out on my whiteboard:

Start Small: Convert $1 Into $1,000

The above 3-step process is very simple to execute!

In fact – it even works if you are JUST starting out! And here’s the cool part – you don’t need to break your bank to run these ads.

You can start small.

As little as $5

Google Adwords for Video will help you target in demand keywords for 5 cents only! Which means you can get 100 clicks to HIGHLY competitive keywords for $5 only!

I did exactly that – got 1 sale for $1,000 and scaled it up!

Here’s what happened:

A client approached me to run traffic to their sales page, and they agreed to pay for ad-spend and give me 10% in commissions. As a result, I made this in less than 1 hour:

MythBusters: Does It Actually Work?

Now let me be upfront about something…with anything that you do – whether for yourself or your clients – you WILL have to put some effort in! My job is to help you work SMARTER – not HARDER.

And get BIG results for SMALL effort.

So I will give you the EXACT steps I have used in my business over the last 5 years to grow from BROKE to HIGH 5-figures a month (Oh – in one month – as you see in the screenshots above – I crossed 6-figures in profit)!

But before I do that – let me break down some myths:

Myth #1 “But aren’t Facebook ads better/cheaper?”

When I talk to people about what I do, I get this question a lot – the short answer is NO. Facebook ads are NOT cheaper. The problem is – with FB ads - the number is actually deceiving. What might seem like a COOL $0.002 per video ad view turns into $2 per lead because FB charges you for EVERY small view that you get – EVEN 4 second view. Instead, YouTube ads cost you ONLY when someone watches 30 seconds of your video – so cost per lead is MUCH lower (mine is 50 cent per lead)

Myth #2 “What if I don’t have any video creation skills?”

When I do a call with my $4,000 per month coaching students, one of their first questions is – “I don’t know how to make those FLASHY videos – can I still do this quickly and successfully?” The answer is YES – you can! I’ve created a system that anyone with free online services can use to setup these ads for themselves and clients in MINUTES!

Myth #3 “I am told putting up a video on Youtube and waiting works too – no?”

Nope – it doesn’t work – not the same way YouTube ads do. See – with YouTube ads – you can QUICKLY and CHEAPLY approach your target market and work to build authority and branding. Companies like Nike, Disney and Uber are spending MILLIONS of $$$ per month to get their message across to you via video ads! Video ad traffic is like cutting in line, and not waiting for things to “sort out”. See how quickly we ranked after running some paid ads...

Myth #4 “Market Research is complicated, isn’t it?

Yes and no – Yes if you are doing it wrong and overcomplicating the entire process. No if you want to follow a step by step system to analyze competition and work out how QUICKLY you can get 200%+ RoI. Our client campaigns – which take minutes to setup have returned 500%+ RoI. And once you have these campaigns, scaling becomes easy – and trust me – clients LOVE highly scalable campaigns.

Myth #5 “Offline businesses don’t care about video marketing?”

This perhaps is the BIGGEST myth that you need to break down today. Clients LOVE paid video ads…and here’s why: #1 Video marketing is still new to them…and this is how they can get a LOT of views quickly. #2 When you sell video ads to your clients, you can easily upsell them on outsourceable video creation services. And the BEST part: #3 Your clients will easily pay you $2,000 - $3,000 for these services every month

In the early days of Google AdWords and Facebook advertising, the businesses who took advantage early enjoyed much lower costs and rules, ultimately resulting in more sales. For those of you that missed out on cashing in on the early days, you now have a shot at cashing in on the next big thing: YouTube.

If by now you still don’t feel convinced that it’s easy and profitable – check out what these guys had to say:



Each and every students I have ever worked with has noticed a DRAMATIC increase in their income based on running successful video ads.

What previously used to be an exciting but uphill advertising platform has now become an exciting AND powerful opportunity for any small and medium sized business.

And here’s the best part:

Delivers $66,000 In 11 Days

Few months ago I was invited to promote a product which was selling for 11 days at $5,000.

Easy money – right?

Well here’s my problem…unlike other PRO marketers – I don’t have a list in that niche!

The ONLY thing I know that works well – REALLY WELL – are YouTube ads.

So armed with nothing but a webinar and one YouTube Channel, I was able to run YouTube ads to promote this product as an affiliate…and in a VERY short time, I was able to scale up my winning campaigns, resulting in $66,000+ in affiliate commissions.

That’s money in my pocket after spending about $716.52 in ads!

How’s that for conversions?

This is an UNTAPPED source which has LIMITLESS traffic potential. Over 1 Billion people watch YouTube videos EVERY MONTH!

Imagine tapping into just 0.001% of this number – that’s advertising to 1M people every month! MULTIPLE TIMES!

CASE STUDY: Clients Pay $3,000 per month
For 428% RoI Campaigns + Rebills

Currently, I make between $10,000 and $15,000 every month from client work, which is my side-business. Honestly, this is one of the simplest forms of advertising I can do for them…and here’s why:

A lot of clients I work with are disappointed by the HIGHER cost of FB ads…and SLOWER returns from SEO. It is very simple to address their needs and show them how YouTube ads could deliver:

  • Better Branding
  • More Leads
  • More Sales

At low prices. So they spend between $2,000 to $3,000 for my services, and another $3,000 - $5,000 on paid ads for 500% + returns. And get this – I still get approached daily from clients with emails like these:

CASE STUDY: Spending $10.14 To Generate
$47 per month In Recurring Profits

When I read the AOL published survey report, I wasn’t surprised.

I’ve enjoyed IMMENSE success with Youtube ads and they act as a great tool to educate and sell anywhere from ecommerce products to software solutions.

In fact, my business, which generates anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 per month is FUELLED by video remarketing ads.

These ads convert at $10+ per sale and generated $47 per month…average retention rate being just over 5 months, I am making a healthy 2,250% RoI.

CASE STUDY: YouTube Ads Slash Average
Cost-Per-Conversion By 65%

TRX is a physical fitness company conceived on the idea of military grade training.

They sell physical products via their website and Amazon. Typically, they spend $40 on online advertising for each sale.

When they tested their YouTube campaigns for the launch of TRX Rip Trainer, their Cost per Sale went down to $14.

65% lower than average.

They and many other since then have found YouTube ads to be high converting for physical product sales.

And many Amazon and Shopify sellers are now looking at YouTube as a MAJOR ad network for spending and positive RoI.

So if you are an amazon FBA or Shopify seller – YouTube ads present an untapped opportunity that not many have maximized yet!

Years of Experience Systematized
For You To Copy/Paste

So why are we telling you all this?

Because after YEARS of experience in running ads to get results like what you just saw, I have been able to systemize my entire business. I am able to work with clients as well as run my own campaigns successfully – day in, day out!

And I have been teaching this stuff to my students for $4,000 apiece. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

Now – after seeing MULTIPLE success stories, I have decided to put everything down into easy-to-digest and follow videos…

Now it’s your turn to have similar success like I, Neil and others have done…


Video X contains A-Z training on running Youtube Video Ads successfully. As well as a couple of software solutions that I will introduce soon.


This is available for

Whatever you do – take a decision soon!

Here’s what Video X contains:

Module #1 – Big Picture – Why Video Ads?

Some of my $4,000 students didn’t know the basics of YouTube video ads – that’s ok. I created this module for them, and it might be useful for you. Either a good introduction or an easy refresher course.

Module #2 – Video X Foundation

This module will show you 6 simple steps for both short and long term profits. This has been specially created for those that need actionable steps to get started on the right foot.

Module #3 – Different Ad Types (and when to use them!)

Meaning you will know exactly what kind of ads work in specific situations. As someone who has tried and failed often, I don’t want you to be misguided when you spend money on ads!

Module #4 – Adwords for Video

This might scare you – but adwords for video is VERY easy to use! And adwords are more relaxed about ads than their counterparts at FB. We show you how to utilize this to the MAX!

Module #5 – Power Targeting Options

Meaning you will know exactly what kind of ads work in specific situations. As someone who has tried and failed often, I don’t want you to be misguided when you spend money on ads!

Module #6 – Setting Up Conversion Tracking

Now this is something I initially struggled with. If you don’t know what your RoI is, you’ll keep on spending! Now that I have MASTERED this, generating 9,000%+ RoI, I break it down for you!

Module #7 – Retargeting With Video Ads

The MOST profitable way to advertise with video ads is retargeting ads. You’ll see me all around YouTube once you’ve been on this page. I show you how to use this power to build trust and authority!

Module #8 – Ads Campaign Setup

Next step in your training is setting up ad campaigns. With over the shoulder demo, I show you how you can create ads quickly and effectively with YouTube.

Module #9 – Analytics and Reporting

No marketing is complete unless you have the EXACT numbers. Adwords has a powerful but somewhat complex analytics dashboard – in this module you get the best ways to use this!

We also cover YouTube analytics which is helpful to understand how your videos could be improved.

Module #10 – Scaling For Success

Once you’ve gotten this far, you should have already made your investment back. Now – its time to scale up your ads. We find Youtube ads are better than FB ads for this.

Module #11 – Crafting Video Ads

When I interviewed my coaching students, they all initially struggled with creating video ads. Once they were done with this module, they could create a high converting video in 10 minutes.

PLUS: The Most Insane Actionable Bonus Modules…

We have included 2 additional bonus modules that will
help you take this training to the NEXT level!

Bonus Module #12
Local Ads X

Take some of the BEST coaching and actionable material from Justin to take your local consultancy to the next level. Justin charges anywhere between $2,000 and $3,000 for 12 hours of work a month!

Bonus Module #13
Physical Ads X

Selling products on Amazon? Shopify? Your own site? Worry not – we will show you exactly why vendors are paying Justin to teach them video ads. What Justin knows could add TONS of SCALABLE traffic and sales!

Bonus Module #14
Affiliate Ads X

Watch my detailed case studies that show how I was able to generate 9,000% RoI as an affiliate marketer. You can do this with ANY product, ANY niche – and I show you how to get started!

Bonus Module #15
Digital Ads X

If you are one of the THOUSANDS of people that sell either ebooks or software solutions, this module will break down my $10 to $47pm process for you. This requires slight changes to how I run my ads – so it’s important you get this module!

ALSO PLUS: Software To Cut Down
Your Research And Channel Setup

Tube Art X

Now one of the MAJOR part of this course is setting up high converting and attractively branded YouTube channels. For that you will need design proficiency. But if you don’t have it – you can use TubeArt X to create quick and BEAUTIFUL channel art.

Research X

If you’re wondering about keyword selection, don’t worry – we cover it in detail within the training course. And to give you that additional push, you can use our proprietary Research X to quickly compare keywords and find out winning combinations!

This is a TON of value that you can get your hands on today!
Here’s what you are getting as part of the Video X Package:

Module 10:
Scaling For Success

Module 11: Crafting Video Ads

Software – Tube Art X

Software – Research X

And with the bonuses:

Bonus Module 12: Local Ads X

Bonus Module 13: Physical Ads X

Bonus Module 14: Affiliate Ads X

Bonus Module 15: Digital Ads X

That brings up the total value to

This is the MOST comprehensive – the MOST definitive Video ads training you’ll see around. Trust me – it’s well worth over $3,000.

So don’t wait – get in RIGHT NOW and grab all this value.

3 Weeks FREE Video Ads LIVE Training Webinars
Valued At $497

You are already getting over 40 training videos as part of this package.

But we don’t just stop there!

We want to go ABOVE and BEYOND and give you more personal coaching. So for the next 3 weeks, we’ll be doing regular webinars to walk you through each module step-by-step…and show you how to get started immediately!

We’ll also be at hand to answer any questions you have!

Once you purchase Video X today, you will be automatically signed up to webinars on 16th December, 22nd December, 29th December and 5th January.

In case you miss any session – don’t worry – you’ll be able to see replays in the members’ area within 24 hours.

Within 48 hours – we will ALSO provide notes (and bullet points)…so in case you’re busy – you can just read through them

WAIT: There’s More…
Dedicated Facebook Mastermind

Our previous customers have often said that the BEST value they get from our courses is AFTER the join the Facebook mastermind group.

So we’ll make that happen.

We’ll make sue Neil, I and our team – is at hand to help you with anything related to video ads.

This kind of hands-on training is ONLY available to first 1,000 people.

Check out some of the cool things we’ll be sharing in our Facebook group:

FINALLY: 2x Event Tickets To Our
LIVE Video Xtreme Event In Last Vegas

YouTube ads is the way forward.

So we think anyway 🙂

To make it REALLY worth your while – and if you can attend – we are giving away 2 free tickets to our Video Xtreme event in Las Vegas – which is scheduled for March (more details to follow!)

At the event, we’ll be focusing on a few things:

Running live campaigns in front of you, sharing some more hidden YouTube strategies…

…as well as NETWORK!

At this event you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the Who’s Who of Video Marketing.

Trust me – invitation to this event is already TRIPLE the value of Video X course.

You’re About To Get The Training
That Can Change Your Life
And Now You’re Probably Thinking –
Why Not Wait Some Time Before
Getting This Course, Right?

Here’s the thing:

Video X is the FIRST of its kind course.

We are setting a trend.

After today – you’ll see many “copycat” courses – some from claimed experts and some even from our students who bought this course.

But nothing will come close.

Nothing else will be value for money…and nothing else will give you the expert guidance that we are giving today!

If you snooze, you lose!

We’ve seen it happen before – people wait too long thinking they’d find something better.

Don’t wait.

In a few months, YouTube ads will become mainstream - everyone will be doing it. Right now, early bird catches the worm. So tap into this opportunity!

Get in at a time when this is STILL an UNTAPPED source of SCALABLE traffic.

So for less than 96 hours, we are offering you
LIFETIME membership to Video X course!
11x Module Training – Valued At $2,167
4x Bonus Modules – Valued At $1,188
2x Software – Valued At $494
3x Weeks Video Ad Bootcamp – Valued At $497
Dedicated FB Group – Priceless
2x Live Event Tickets – Valued At $997

That’s a GRAND total of $5,344 – but you don’t pay ANYWHERE near that!

Since this is a special limited time offer – you won’t even have to pay half of this!

We won’t even charge a quarter - $1,335 – for Video X.

Since this is a SPECIAL invite – you are getting 95% OFF on this entire package.

Don’t wait for the tickets to run out!

Don’t wait for FB group to get saturated.

Don’t wait for the offer to expire.

Click the button right now and claim your membership:

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

And to top this off I’m backing it up with my 30 day full money back guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied within the first 30 days, simply ask me and you’ll get a full refund – no questions asked. No hassle. It’s that simple. Enjoy!

Does this method work for niches which FB won't allow? +

Yes and No - some niches are universally banned - but with YouTube video ads, within reason you can advertise for niches like dating, embarrassing problems and more…

What if I cannot attend the live event? Do I get additional content? +

If you cannot make it to the live event, we'll send you the training we cover there. Bear in mind that this could take 3-6 weeks post-event to process.

What will you be covering in the bonus webinars? Will they be recorded? +

We'll be doing a LOT of over-the-shoulder case studies with you - so you can see in real time how we run our ads, and what results they give. You are welcome to copy them. And yes, all sessions will be recorded and made available to you within 48 hours of the webinar.

Does this come with a money back guarantee? +

Yes - it does. You are covered by a 7-day money back guarantee. Just let us know via support desk and we'll help you out.

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